Berend van der Sloot is Director Hospitality at NIBC, better known as The Zone’s big neighbour. But Berend is more than just that. In The Zone’s hallways he is also affectionately referred to as the great Mister Rental. The reason for that is simple: he is manager of the Rental mailbox which makes him the point of contact for all tenants. He welcomes new tenants, waves goodbye to departing tenants and has answers to (almost) all tenant questions.
For Mister Rental, hospitality comes first. “I think it is important that new tenants of The Zone end up in a warm bath. Where I can help, I help, so that I can help the new tenant on the right track.” Partly because of this, Berend knows the building of The Zone like no other; he has many contacts with suppliers, the technical installer, his own in-house architectural firm or one of the removal services. If there’s something he doesn’t know, he will make it a priority to find the answer. “That’s what makes this job so varied. You never know what kind of question you can expect in the Rental mailbox. It may be a question whether there are any old office chairs left or a question about a broken toilet seat. Or worse, someone is stuck in an elevator.”
“During one of my many walking tours through the building, I recently walked past an office with many moving boxes. I showed the tenant the way to the storage space in the basement and voilà, they suddenly had much more space in the office. Creating more space is something I can make tenants happy with, so every now and then I start a cleaning campaign – it makes everyone happy.”

As you can see, Berend is an addition to The Zone and we are happy to have him in the rental. If you have any questions for Berend, mail to the rental.